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 Quickclaw- rogue

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PostSubject: Quickclaw- rogue   Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:23 pm

Quickclaw padded into the rouge territory. He sat down beside a small stream, to wash off his pelt. It was matted with fox dung, from hiding his scent. He finally got all of it out, and then turned around to go and find a safe spot to rest. All of a sudden, he slipped on the moss covered rocks beside the stream. His front legs got completely soaked. "Fox dung!" he spat, while carefully walking across the stream and to the feilds. He looked around and saw a tree. It's bark was dry and there was sand around it. The leaves looked like they could fall of at any time. He crouched, and then slumped onto the second to lowest branch. He lay there, and watched the moon come up, full. His belly grumbled from not having any food for the past few days. He was tired and so went to sleep on his perch.


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Quickclaw- rogue
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