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 How to Roleplay

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PostSubject: How to Roleplay   Thu Sep 18, 2008 1:35 pm

How you Roleplay:
The first step to roleplaying is making your character. Use this "character fill-in" You just fill out the info. Cats only for this site.













Then you wait for an admin to approve it. They will say "approved".

Next you pick your clan. (Which you should have filled out fot the character sheet.)
-Rogue cats

Then look at that catagory. You need to roleplay into the camp of that clan. Like let's say I got my character approved, then I would go to my clan. ( lets say Shadowclan) (And lets say my character is Lilifur)

I would post in the camp : (check How to Post and Reply)

Lilifur walked gracefully into camp. She could smell all of the other cats. It was overwelming. Her tail curled in amusement as she watched two kits playfighting. Lilifur walked over to what she thought was the leader den. She spotted the leader. "may I join your clan?" Lilifur asked with her ears flat in submission. She waited for the leader's responce.

then Twilight replies:

Bloodstar achnolaged the she-cat with pleasure in his warm eyes. Anouther warrior! "We would be delighted to have you in this clan," He said. He flicked his tail at one of the other warriors, Dawnfur. "Will you show Lilifur around?"

then it would go on. Plese look at the posts, and you can see the real stuff going on.

extra notes about roleplaying:

-you will learn more as you go on, but try to focas on depth, description, and spelling.

-make sure you look at the posts before you to see what is going on.

-some nicknames for Roleplaying are: RPing, roleplay, RPG, and you might here more if you look around.

-some nicknames for character sheets could be: char. sheet, C.S., char. form, and many others.

-with the char. sheets, make sure you copy and paste the sheet that the admin has posted. These may differ throughout different forums.


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How to Roleplay
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