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Name:: Scarletstar
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fur, eyes, markings:: Scar on her left eye.

PostSubject: Lightfrost   Fri Sep 26, 2008 3:45 pm


fur:a frosty white,thick,but very gorgous.

eyes:Minty green, bright

markings:a small,black dot right beside the outside corner of her eye.

history:Her father used to be in Windclan. He secretly met with her mother,a rouge, and had two kits. Lightfrost was the only kit to survive and her parents named her Lightfrost because there was a light frost over the moor. When she got older she wanted to not live the rouge cat life any more. She thought she could be better than that. So she joined Windclan.

personality:Be-u-ti-ful!!! She never thinks she is,but she does look attractive. Strong, Loyal to Windclan and would give her life to save it. Very good with younger cats and loves to take care of kits.

strengths: She has great self-esteam and thinks she can take on anything!

weaknesses: Sometimes she punishes herself too hard if she does something wrong or displeases someone. Scared that no one will like her.

rank:Warrior-but hopes to have kits someday

other:Her mom discourages her for going into a clan



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PostSubject: Re: Lightfrost   Fri Sep 26, 2008 5:54 pm

approved! Very Happy yay anouther Windclan cat!!


Pets name: tigger!
Adopt your own!
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