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 Barkpaw-up for adoption!

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PostSubject: Barkpaw-up for adoption!   Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:19 pm

Sorry guys! He was born from my character,Sunsilk, and I forgot to let someone else be him. So now before it gets any later, I need to do this so I won't have so many cats on my hands!





history:He was part of the litter of Sunsilk. He was born normaly in Riverclan. He has a sister and another brother,but his other brother ran away to Windclan.He is now Ravencry of Riverclan's apprentice.

personality:Ready to learn and wants to be a good warrior in his mentors, mothers, and leaders eyes. Ready to prove his skills in battle.(Not that he doesn't wants peace between the clans.)

strengths:Good fighter and is ready for anything a clans life throws at him. Can blend in very well with his tree and grass surroundings.

weaknesses:Worries about his sister and thinks he has to look after her which may cause some extra stress on his shoulders.






Thanks in advance for being Barkpaw! PM me when and if you chose to be him! Thanks!
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Barkpaw-up for adoption!
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