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PostSubject: Foxwhisker   Fri Nov 21, 2008 2:38 pm


fur:Redish/light brownish/ tanish tortishell

eyes: soft green

markings: long whiskers

history:He was born in the rough lands. Througout his life, his mother would tell him stories about 4 clans and how clanmates would protect each other. He always thought it was a bunch of crowfood and thought he didn't need the help of anyone. So for a while he lived as a rough, alone in the forest. One day he broke his leg from a fight with a bear and could not feed him self for two days. He was close to dying from starvation. When he was well again, he realized that he needed other cats to live with and abide with or else he would never survive least it happened again. So he went off to find Shadowclan.

personality: Ready for anything that comes his way. Wants to do his best in everything he does. Sometimes can be a little selfish though

strengths: Great fighter, good determination. Can sense things from far away. Probley because of his huge whiskers.

weaknesses: Can be selfish at some times and needs to learn what its like to look after someone else besides himself all the time.





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PostSubject: Re: Foxwhisker   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:01 am



Pets name: tigger!
Adopt your own!
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