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 Darkfang- leader of Tribe

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PostSubject: Darkfang- leader of Tribe   Tue Nov 25, 2008 10:07 am


fur: look on pic.

eyes: look on pic.


history: Darkfang was born to a rogue years ago. He disliked his mother because she treated him horribley. His father came from time to time and scratched him every time. Darkfang escaped and ran away, finding people to follow him. He always remebered his past as a dark memory but soon created a band of his own- The Tribe of Golden Brooks.

personality:very dark and cunning

strengths: a great fighter, and can tell when someone is mad

weaknesses:has no idea about love and runs away from it




clan: the tribe



Pets name: tigger!
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Darkfang- leader of Tribe
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