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 Scarletstar and Moonshine- scarletstar's char.

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PostSubject: Scarletstar and Moonshine- scarletstar's char.   Sun Aug 17, 2008 3:33 pm

name: Scarletstar

fur: chocolate brown w/ white flecks on her paws and white belly

eyes: amber color, can scare you but can make you melt inside =)

markings: scarlet scar over left eye

history: Scarletstar was born to a Riverclan Queen with her brother. Later on her brother was killed by a Shadowclan warrior, in battle. She grieved his death and then wanted to kill that cat. She did but in doing it she got her scar.

personality: Scarletstar is nice, fair, and strong. She can manipluate for good only. Scarletstar is skillfull and quick.

strengths: can be manipluating

weaknesses: anyime her eye with the scar will hurt and bother her and distract her.

rank: leader

other: loves anouther warrior but can't be his mate because of her rank

pic.:none yet (just tell if you've found one)

clan: Riverclan



history:She was born as a rough cat by Highstones which is what inspired her mother to name her Moonshine. As she got older she wondered more and more about what was in the forest. One day she decided to figure out, but she couldn't leave her mother for she was old, so she coaxed her to come too. At the end of the day when the moon was just out, they found Thunderclan camp.

personality:adventureous, wonders alo
3:t, has a natural ability to help cats who are injured or sick.

strengths:Quick thinking and almost always a clear mind.

weaknesses:Sometimes daydreams

rank:medicine cat



gender: female

clan: Thunderclan[img][/img]

Name: Sunsilk

Fur: Pic.



History: Sunsilk was born of a kittypet. She was given away to another house. When she got older, the family moved away and left her behind...pregnent. She had mated with another kittypet and was about to give birth. She had heard of stories of cat clans and how there was one in the forest.She thought maybe they could help her and traveled to the camp, using only sents to guide her way.

Personality: She is very active and tries to point out the positive side of things even when her clan is struggling. She loves to help other cats when they need help. Sunsilk hates it though when other cats take pitty on her because of her fading hearing She is quick and always does her best.

Strengths: quick learner.

Weaknesses: slow hearing loss.

rank: Queen

Pic.: <a href=""><img src="" alt="persian cat on blossomed tree-iran"></a>



Pets name: tigger!
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Scarletstar and Moonshine- scarletstar's char.
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