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 Whitefeather- Starclan

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PostSubject: Whitefeather- Starclan   Sun Aug 24, 2008 2:14 pm



markings: a feather behind ear (white w/ a black tip)


Eye color: brown

Personality: She is very wise, calm, and was loyal to her clan until she died. Whitefeather is like the wise one of a group. She's one who rarely speaks but when she does, it's important.

History: Whitefeather grew up in the caves of the hills way off from the warrior land. She lived with her parents but had no other siblings. Her mother finally told her the story whenever she was apprentice age. Her mother and father had lived in Windclan but then a terrible sickness spread and the rest of Whitefeather's siblings had died from it. Her parents escaped and came there with her whenever she was just a tiny kit. After hearing the story, her mother trained her as a medicene cat and she went off to be a medicene cat in Windclan. She becomes Windclan's medicene cat for a long while. But then when anouther clan attacks at night, the other clan kills her so that her clan could have no medicene cat to help them.

Strengths: has a good memory

weaknesses: is a bad bird hunter

rank: was a medicene cat

clan: Starclan



gender: female


Pets name: tigger!
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Whitefeather- Starclan
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