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 What is A:_____

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PostSubject: What is A:_____   Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:22 pm

What is a:______

an admin is the head of the whole thing. It's short for administator. They can edit the stuff that you say, if needed, in a nice way.

a mod is the second in command person. It's short for moderator. They can do some of the stuff that the admins can do, but not as much.

the forum is the whole thing. It's all of the pictures, words, and everything. If the head admin, (That's me) delete's this, then all of it is thrown away. (but I won't)

a catagory is inside of the main forum. Like if you look above the rules column, then u'll see: Rules and other. That's the catagory.

this is kind of confusing but we'll just say that there's a main forum and then there's a smaller forum. A small forum is something like: Rules. Or is you scroll down you'll see the sign for Thunderclan and beside it you'll see: Thunderclan camp. that's a forum.

A topic is inside of a forum. First click on the forum,"rules," then you'll see The rules for Ancient warriors. That's a topic. There can beas many topics in a forum as needed.

A post is something inside of a topic. Now click on the rules for ancient warriors. Inside you'll see a list of the rules. That's a post by me. Below it you'll see a seperate thing made by Twilight (i think). Those are two different posts.


Index of picture:
red: the forum
orangey color: Catagories
purple: forums
pink: the menu

the menu:
The menu is the list of places you can go:

-home- that means that page of that pic. up above
-small blue and white square- the calander
-help- where you can find help
-search- if you need to find anything
-members- if you would like a complete list of all the registered users
-groups- the administrators, the moderators, etc.
-profile- see profile tutorial (coming soon)
-private message- (see private message tutorial)
-log out- is where you log out of the user you are on

any more questions can be asked here about what's what.


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What is A:_____
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