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 Touring the clans boundarys

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PostSubject: Touring the clans boundarys   Thu Sep 04, 2008 5:38 pm

Scarletstar walked to the little stream that was in the training center. She sat down to wait on Barkpaw who was a few steps behind her. " This,Barkpaw, is where we train cats like you to become warriors.", she said. Before they had came there, they had done a boarder patrol. "Didn't you think that was suspicious? You know, the Windclan cat that we saw crossing Thunderclans. They weren't suposed to do that. Next gathering we'll sure surprise them when we tell Thunderclan that we saw them with our very own eyes."he said with pride in his voice. Scarletstar rolled her eyes and said,"We will come here tomorrow to start training. Now we will head to Eagles Perch." (Continued there)
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Touring the clans boundarys
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