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 How to Post and Reply

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PostSubject: How to Post and Reply   Sat Sep 06, 2008 11:34 am

How to Post and Reply:

How to Post a New Topic:

Now. let's say that I'm going to post a topic on that we are going to have a gathering. I would click on "Other Topics",
and then I would see this:

I would push the button: "New Topic" (circled in red)
then this would appear:

then I would type in a message in the box. (circled in green) If I wanted to put little smileys in I would click on them (circled in light blue) Then I would type in the subject, (circled in yellow). If I would like to see what it looks like, then I would push preveiw. (circled in pink) Then to send it, I would push send (Circled in purple)

Now other users can look at what I typed.

How to Reply:

Now somene has posted a topic. I want to reply to it. So let's say I'm going to "Twilight's off topic topic". I want to reply to it. So what I do is:
I click on "Other topics".
I click on The off opic topic
I read what Twilight said:

then you would post a reply just like normal. (check the private messaging for more info)


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How to Post and Reply
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